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optimistic thoughts

optimistic thoughts


Can optimistic thoughts keep you positive and result in you being more happy?

For a long time, I thought that optimism was something that only happy people could conjure up, like a magic spell.

These people were always smiling, never sad, and always saw things through rose-colored glasses. So the universe rewarded them with positive thoughts and endless happiness.

However, as I grew older, I realized that optimistic people are not always happy. They get angry and sad, just like the rest of us. But they don’t let that stop them from living with the hope that tomorrow will be better.

They work hard to face the world with optimism, a smile, and good humor. In other words, it’s not something they are born with but something they develop, learn by heart, and master over time. 

What they have is a particular way of looking at life. A specific form of thinking that is bursting with positivity. Pessimism is not an option, and their optimism is inspirational.

Those who have chosen to become good at it have reaped the rewards of their labor and know how satisfying it can be.

So I wanted to find out how they do it, how they manage to remain optimistic more times than not. I began researching it and learned that it starts with our thought process.

So I’ve put together five optimistic thoughts that we should all embrace as often as possible to look at the world and ourselves in a healthier and more fulfilling way.

Let’s dive in and check out some quotes for optimism.

1 Life gives you as much as you can handle

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. There is no difficult situation that can break you or bring you down.

If you go the extra mile, it will pay off in the long run. Yes, you’ll probably be tired and want to give up. But imagine how much better you’ll feel if you hang in there and keep at it.

You’ll be more resilient, more experienced, and much wiser. You’ll also be proud of your work and that you had the strength to persevere and make it to the end.

2 Everything happens for a reason

Now that you know you can handle anything that crosses your path, it’s a logical progression to start to think that everything happens for a reason.

Everything may not be to your liking. But if you are patient and have faith in yourself, everything can go better than you ever imagined!

Here’s an example: you’ve been gearing up for a promotion for some time. Then suddenly, your bosses decide to give it to someone else. Of course, you would be furious and extremely upset. Who wouldn’t be?

But that one little thing can steer you in a completely different direction. You may need more time to be ready, or you want to do something completely different.

Who knows?

The point is to always look for the silver lining. Everything happens for a reason and is a lesson to be learned.

3 Happiness is a choice

If you think about it hard enough, you can always find something to be happy about and grateful for. Always. You may have to do some thinking to see it, but it’s ultimately worth it. 

It can be little things, like seeing a bird outside your window this morning. 

Or being happy that it’s soon the weekend and you can go out with your friends.

Remember that there are always disappointments in life. However, if you choose to be happy and see the good in every situation, you will be happier and have more fun around you.

You will also appreciate the good times instead of fretting about the “what ifs” and what could have been.

4 You have more control than you think

It’s easy to play the role of victim. We blame people and circumstances for how our lives turn out, but we are the ones who have the final say.

No, you are not 100% in control, and yes, things will happen that may surprise you. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Even if things don’t go as you imagined or planned, you have to trust that things will work out in the end.

As for the things you can control, it’s up to you to change what doesn’t make you happy. 

If you are unhappy with your job, change it. Whether your friends, your partner, or your hair color – big or small, you need to be strong enough to take back control of your life.  You need to make changes to what needs to be changed so you can take charge, be happier and live your life in a way you choose.

5. Nothing lasts forever

Remember that nothing in life lasts forever, and change can be good.

You grow up, find your soulmate, and have children. Then they grow up, and so on.

Even if you love your job and wouldn’t change it for the world, your position there is not permanent. You probably started in an entry-level position, got promoted, and finally got the corner office.

That’s just the way life is. Change.

The problem is that we often think of change as a bad thing. It seems like some unseen force is messing with our plans and systems.

But change can be good if you look at it the right way.

So make sure you appreciate the little moments that make life memorable and unique. Avoid focusing on the negative or the bad times in your life.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel trapped, you need to muster your optimism from within. Make the change you need in your life. If you don’t, who will?

Picture yourself a year from now. Were you able to pull yourself out of that troubling situation? Will it even matter in a few months?

A final thought on optimistic thoughts

So, there you have it.

You may have felt skeptical as you read the five optimistic thoughts. You may have said to yourself that it can’t be that easy, and it’s too Pollyanna-ish, and you may be right.

But what can it hurt to try? If you tried it and felt you didn’t get any benefit from these optimistic thoughts, you can stop trying, and you’ve lost nothing.

But I suspect that if you tried, you would feel happier and more content and never return to your old way of thinking. It’s far better to be an optimist than a pessimist!

Try it and let me know how you get on. I’d love to learn if adopting some optimistic thoughts changed your life.

By Carl

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