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benefits of a positive mindset

The Power Within: Unleashing the Benefits of a Positive Mindset

The Power Within: Unleashing the Benefits of a Positive Mindset In the intricate tapestry of personal development, one thread stands out as the golden key to unlocking a world of possibilities – a positive mindset. It’s more than just a trendy phrase, something you say to your friends to impress.  It’s a transformative force that […]

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possibility mindset

The Power of a Possibility Mindset: Unlocking Your Full Potential

What is a Possibility Mindset? A possibility mindset is a transformative way of thinking that can have a profound impact on our lives. It involves perceiving every situation as an opportunity for growth, development, and success, rather than being limited by obstacles and setbacks. By adopting a possibility mindset, we open ourselves up to a […]

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optimistic thoughts

5 Optimistic Thoughts to Stay Positive

  Can optimistic thoughts keep you positive and result in you being more happy? For a long time, I thought that optimism was something that only happy people could conjure up, like a magic spell. These people were always smiling, never sad, and always saw things through rose-colored glasses. So the universe rewarded them with […]

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5 Ways to Get the Happiness Habit

5 Ways to Get the Happiness Habit Building the habit of happiness. You may have read that it takes, on average, 30 days to develop a new habit. When you develop a new habit, you retrain your body and mind to create new behaviors that will benefit you longterm into the future. Many people think […]

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4 Key Actions to Living a Happy Life

We all want to live in the best way we can and be as happy as possible, but most of us have no idea how to go about it.  To help you, our readers, we have scoured the internet and asked many professionals and experts what steps they recommend to ensure you live a full, […]

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3 Visualisations for Calm in Your Life

You will be happier and your life will be calmer if you have some techniques to relieve the stress in your mind.  3 visualisations for calm in your life gives you three clever tips on how to calm down more often. Visualisations for calm introduction We all have things that upset us. Sometimes it’s a […]

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Tips – 5 Powerful Pointers

  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Tips examines 5 mindset concepts that will help stop you becoming overwhelmed by the small things that happen to throw you off balance. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” was coined in a massively popular book by Richard Carlson and has become a very popular phrase that reminds us not […]

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10 Practical Ways to Develop Your Mind

  Introduction It’s often said that most people only use a fraction of their brain’s capability, and that may be true. But how exactly do you go about keeping your mind sharp? How do you develop your mind? It may seem complicated, but here are ten practical ways to develop your mind, practical tasks, and […]

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5 Activities to Keep Your Brain Young Easily

5 Activities to Keep Your Brain Young Introduction As we get older, our brains naturally change, not necessarily for the better. Things we used to remember quickly become harder and harder to bring to mind. Names disappear from our memory, memory slows down, and sometimes we forget certain things. We temporarily struggle to bring the […]

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Can money bring you happiness? 6 Thoughts

  Can money bring you happiness ?   I believe money can only bring you a limited amount of happiness. Here are some thoughts on this topic. Introduction Do you need money to be happy?  Everyone has heard that “money can’t buy you happiness.” But it’s an obvious fact that not having a sufficient amount of […]

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