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Develop Your Mind

Develop Your Mind by Working Your Thoughts

10 Practical Ways to Develop Your Mind

  Introduction It’s often said that most people only use a fraction of their brain’s capability, and that may be true. But how exactly do you go about keeping your mind sharp? How do you develop your mind? It may seem complicated, but here are ten practical ways to develop your mind, practical tasks, and […]

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5 Activities to Keep Your Brain Young Easily

5 Activities to Keep Your Brain Young Introduction As we get older, our brains naturally change, not necessarily for the better. Things we used to remember quickly become harder and harder to bring to mind. Names disappear from our memory, memory slows down, and sometimes we forget certain things. We temporarily struggle to bring the […]

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Free 5 perks of working on your brainpower

5 perks of working on your brainpower Introduction It seems nowadays that there is plenty of focus on working on your body. Adverts for gyms are everywhere, and so many people are trying to make gym sessions part of their routines. People are getting more focused on mental health too, and that’s a great thing. […]

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5 activities to boost your cognitive abilities

  Before we discuss these 5 ways to boost your cognitive abilities, it’s worth talking about what cognitive ability is. What is cognitive ability? The definition in the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2015) of cognitive ability is roughly as follows: “A general mental ability that includes reasoning, problem-solving, planning, abstract thinking, understanding […]

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4 Ways to Develop Your Mind to Age Better

Develop Your Mind to Age Better No one wants to atrophy, even in old age. We’ve all seen the older person who can’t remember yesterday and is always yelling for you to speak louder. Although we love our seniors, we may not want to become like them.  And we don’t have to! It’s important to […]

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