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Being Happy Tips

4 Key Actions to Living a Happy Life

We all want to live in the best way we can and be as happy as possible, but most of us have no idea how to go about it.  To help you, our readers, we have scoured the internet and asked many professionals and experts what steps they recommend to ensure you live a full, […]

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3 Visualisations for Calm in Your Life

You will be happier and your life will be calmer if you have some techniques to relieve the stress in your mind.  3 visualisations for calm in your life gives you three clever tips on how to calm down more often. Visualisations for calm introduction We all have things that upset us. Sometimes it’s a […]

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5 Steps To Happiness you can take right now!

Here are my 5 steps to happiness you can take to help you live a happier life right away.   Introduction Most people strive to live happy, healthy lives. However, if you’re stuck in a rut, finding ways to get out of it can be challenging. The good news is that whatever your circumstances, there are […]

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