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5 steps to happiness

Here are my 5 steps to happiness you can take to help you live a happier life right away.  


Most people strive to live happy, healthy lives. However, if you’re stuck in a rut, finding ways to get out of it can be challenging.

The good news is that whatever your circumstances, there are ways to boost your happiness right away.  These 5 steps to happiness contain concepts that you should take to heart and build into your life straight away if you want to be happier.

#1 Remember: people care more about you, not about the things you own.

If you base the value you put on yourself on what you own, you will never be happy. 

So many people fall for the lure of social media and strive to buy the latest technology, designer clothes, and the newest cars so that we can look good to others. 

However, it would be best to remember that people like you for you, not for your possessions. Letting go of the idea that your worth depends on your possessions and how you look is crucial to your happiness.

#2 Stop comparing yourself to others

Spending a lot of your time comparing yourself to others is a sure way to destroy your happiness. Everyone has problems, and no two people are exactly alike. So comparing yourself to others is a waste of time.

Social media has made it really easy to compare your life with that of friends and family. But you must keep in mind that most people only post positive things on their social media accounts. You basically only see their good stuff, their highlights, and not their real lives. 

As soon as you stop comparing yourself to others, you will notice that you have become a much happier person.  

#3 Take time out for yourself

Having time for yourself is essential to your self-worth and ultimately to your level of happiness. When was the last time was that you took some time for yourself? 

To get the best out of yourself and be happy, you should spend a little time each day doing something just for yourself. Doing this will increase your happiness and reduce stress.

#4 Smile more often and for longer

If you want a way to instantly feel happier, smile! 

The very act of putting on a smile will make you feel better straight away. Smile more and be happy more! Plus, it’s contagious! Remember the words of the song – smile, and the whole world will smile with you. 

#5 Find a new hobby

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, finding a new hobby can help. 

A new hobby is an excellent step on the way to start a happier life. It keeps your mind busy, and you will learn new skills. 

You could start a useful hobby such as woodworking or knitting, or you could create a blog to spread your opinions on a topic you love.

You could even focus on personal growth and self-development topics if you really want to increase your happiness.

5 Steps to Happiness Summary

So there you have it – 5 steps to happiness to help you start a happier life now. Even if you try just one of them, you will find that it significantly impacts your happiness.

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I hope you enjoyed the article. If you did – or even if you didn’t – consider leaving a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


By Carl

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