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3 visualisations for calm in your life

You will be happier and your life will be calmer if you have some techniques to relieve the stress in your mind.  3 visualisations for calm in your life gives you three clever tips on how to calm down more often.

Visualisations for calm introduction

We all have things that upset us. Sometimes it’s a specific event or a person (like your mother-in-law’s visit). But sometimes we are anxious about more important things that make us doubt our safety and well-being, like when a serious illness is circulating.

Whatever the case, anxiety can derail our lives and keep us from achieving what we want and need.

So, you need to know how to stop yourself from doing this kind of nervous brooding. If you’re lucky, you eventually learn to deal with it. For some people, their coping strategies are not healthy. Others flounder and try to find their way. If you’re in this last group, consider this: visualization is a proven skill that has been shown to reduce anxiety and make you calmer and happier.

Let’s find out how.

#1 Go to your favourite place in your mind

If you feeling particularly anxious then it’s time for a trip to a place where you feel safe. For some, that might be the beach. Or maybe you’ll feel more comfortable drinking coffee at a mountain lake or in a city café.

Wherever you feel safest and most at home, you want to go there now in your mind. Start by sitting back and getting comfortable.

Close your eyes and create a picture of your favorite place in your mind. Imagine you are there at that moment. Add any detail you can to make this experience as real as possible.

Involve all of your senses in the background. Breathe deeply and hold onto this place until you feel calm and somewhat refreshed.

#2 Relax with an imaginary ball of string

If you are feeling tense and uptight inside it usually comes when you’re holding back too many emotions. Imagine the strain on your mind, and subsequently your body, of carrying around all those knotted emotions you’ve wanted to express all day but couldn’t.

Start by making an imaginary ball of yarn out of all those feelings. Hold the ball in your hands. Weigh it and lift it up and down. It’s probably quite heavy.

Now sit back and take a few calming breaths as you pull out this ball of yarn and hold it in your hand. Really feel the weight of it and how holding it is burdening you.

Now drop the ball of yarn onto the floor and hold the end of the yarn so that the ball falls to the flooor and rolls away from you. Watch it unraveling as it travels across the room. Watch as all the threads unwind and disappear in the process.

Stay in this imagination until the entire ball of yarn has unwound and disappeared, and you feel lighter and more relaxed.

#3 Shut down all the chatter in your head

Our thoughts can be quite loud. We hear so many voices in our head reminding us of deadlines, things to do, and people to see.

Add to that the negative self-talk that occasionally creeps in, and the half-heard phrases we carry around that sound suspiciously like our parents, and you have a lot of chatter and no peace.

If you find yourself with this kind of problem at any time, go through the following process to get help.

Imagine you are in a room with a big open window. Sweep your arms wide and gather all these voices together in your arms. Take all the voices and put them just outside the window.

Take a deep breath and pull the window closed tightly. This is a nice thick double pane of glass and the seal around the window is perfect. You realise that you can no longer hear the voices when the window is closed.

Visualisations for calm summary

With visualizations like this, you are telling your mind to quiet down. You’re taking control where you need it most and getting your feet back on a better path.

Remember, you control what goes on in your mind. Don’t let fear set the tone for you.

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By Carl

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